Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twelve years ago today

Twelve years ago today, I was snuggling my newborn, my oldest son, after a wonderful home birth with a CPM.

Twelve years ago today, women where I live in Illinois had a wide choice of CPMs for a home birth.

Twelve years ago today, CPMs worked together with nurse-midwives, forming a network of midwives that home birth families in my community could trust.

Today, there are none.

Today, in the midst of this legislative flurry, we must raise several thousand dollars. Please give TODAY to the Coalition for Illinois Midwifery, so that women and families in Illinois will have access to CPMs tomorrow.

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To donate by check, make it out to CFIM
Vicki Johnson
Coalition for Illinois Midwifery
6092 Torchlite Trl.
Loves Park, IL 61111

Standard disclaimers: (1) By tomorrow we mean in the near future, at some time to be determined by the state of Illinois when licenses will be issued. (2) Contributions made to the Coalition for Illinois Midwifery are not tax deductible.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

URGENT Action Alert: New Development with The Home Birth Safety Act (SB 385)


Contacts: Michelle Breen, MHS 224-522-4784, coodaa@aol.com; Colette Bernhard 773-504-8842, birthnews@earthlink.net, Coalition for Illinois Midwifery

After a year and a half of extensive review and dialogue, the Illinois Society of Advanced Practice Nursing is in full support, and the Illinois Nurses Association is now neutral on the Home Birth Safety Act, SB 385, which passed the Senate in 2007 with a 51-7 vote. With this news we intend to push the bill through this session Monday, January 12, and Tuesday, January 13, 2009.

Constituent contact to state representatives is URGENT. Please inform your representative that the Illinois Nurses Association has come to consensus on SB 385 and request support for the Home Birth Safety Act. The Coalition for Illinois Midwifery appreciates legislative feedback you are willing to share.

In a recent statement, the INA recognized that "the current proposal adequately protects the public, includes sound education and certification requirements, and does allow women to choose to have a licensed certified midwife to provide prenatal and childbirth services in their homes."

The bill is also supported by the Illinois Maternal Child Health Coalition; Illinois Public Health Association; Illinois Chapter, American College of Nurse-Midwives; Health and Medicine Policy Research Group; Doctors for Midwives of Illinois; Health and Disability Advocates; Birthlink; Coalition for Improvement of Maternity Services; Illinois National Organization for Women; Concerned Christian Americans; Northeastern Illinois Doula Association; and Our Bodies Ourselves.

The Coalition for Illinois Midwifery welcomes all supporters to rally in Springfield on Monday, January 12, and Tuesday, January 13, in the State Capitol Building. Please RSVP to CFIM.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

History of Illinois Midwifery

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Legislative Fliers Coming soon!

We will be posting fliers that you can share with your state legislators. Check back for links to pdfs you can download.

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